MyTrust ID

Enable Simple Onboarding Process MyTrust ID MyTrust ID for mobile is a highly secure authentication application for corporates/banks to authenticate customers’ before accessing sensitive information or/and online services.

What is MyTrust ID?

  • Electronic Know Your Customers onboarding made easy with MyTrust ID. MyTrust ID is a mobile application that allows your customer to have a verified and secure digital identity (ID) required for the eKYC onboarding process. The verification process of MyTrust ID combines 4-layer authentication process involving ID detection, phone number, database and bank account verification before issuing a Digital Certificate.

Why Digitise with MyTrust ID


Assurance on the identity of your customers, accuracy of data and cyberattack prevention.


Reduce decision-making time.


Easy and convenient onboarding process with the ability to perform anytime and anywhere.

Customer First

Improve quality of customer service.

Comply to Digital Signature Act

Full compliance with regulatory policies.


Improve operational efficiency and scalability

Digitise Your Onboarding Process with MyTrust ID

How MyTrust ID Works

Embed e-signing functionality to your business processes and applications using our open API.

How eKYC works?

MyTrust ID 4-Layer Authentication Process


ID Detection

Customer capture the front and back image of Mykad or front image of Pasport. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function will detect details including full name, ID numbers, etc. The system will then identify pre-defined visual landmarks are meeting expected standards.

Phone Number Verification

Verification of the mobile number is done via a SMS One-time Password (OTP).

Database Verification

Verification of the name and Mykad number is done by checking against our own database - verified based on the digital certificates issued over the years.

Bank Account Verification

Verification of a customer's bank account is done via Financial Processing Exchange (FPX). From FPX, we can identify the payee from any successful transfer and matches it with the name of the applicant.